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Generally about the service

What does it mean 'Give it to Karel'?

Give it to Karel is a service that will sell your unnecessary things for you. I will pick up your items, check, photograph, describe, evaluate and display them on sales portals - Bazoš, Sbazar, Annonce and Aukro.

What does Karel sell?

I sell almost everything I think is to sell. The best selling items are electro goods. or books, entertainment, media. That is, besides books, I also sell LPs, DVDs and BluRay movies, or PC and PlayStation games. Children's bazaar especially for mothers. For sale I recommend almost new baby things from which children will grow very quickly. Strollers and baby equipment are also well sold. Nice and original pieces can also be found in the category clothing and fashion. Many things I offer for motorists in the category auto-moto. If you arrange a house or a cottage, then I have an interesting offer in the category house and gardenbut also check the category hobby. For the stylish furnishings of cottages then I offer the products in the category collectibles. Of course, this category is not only for the cotters :). In the category white goods I prefer small items such as toasters, grills, scales... For those who take care of themselves on and prefer active lifestyle I am recommending an offer from category drugstore, body care and sport.

What does not Karel sell?

I'm trying to sell everything you send me. However, some items can not be sold. These include badly damaged and dirty stuff, worn shoes and clothing, fragile things, at risk of transportation damage, software and games with activated licenses and things heavier than 20 kg or oversize things.

Order a pickup

Details about the pickup

I will send a courier to your address (only Czech Republic) on previously settled day. On your request I could send you the Czech post's response tags with pre-printed delivery address of my warehouse as well. You can easily stick them on the package with your goods to sell and bring the package to your post office. The post service will deliver me this package. But at first, you must order pick-up and wait untill I contact you to arrange the pick up.

How much will I pay for the pickup?

You will pay for the pickup of your items according to the selected method according to the valid price list. We will send you an invoice before picking up. The collection of goods will only take place after payment has been credited to the account.

How long will you wait for the pickup?

Upon receiving a payment for picking things, I can arrange a courier for the next business day at the earliest.

Do I have to pack my items?

In case we send for your good our contractual shipping service, it is necessary to pack all the goods into boxes. The boxes have to keep goods from damage. It is necessary to seal up the box so nobody could reach content of the box. Maximal dimensions of the package could not exceed 200 cm (lenght) x 80 cm (width) x 60 cm (height). And maximal weight of the package is 40 kg. Especially keep in mind you have to properly fix fragile goods in the box so it will resist incidental impact. For proper packaging I recommend you to use this corect packaging help tool.

Is there a limited quantity and size of my goods?

There is no limit for package count. However, there is a limit for item size.
Unfortunately I cannot accept an item larger than 200 cm and heavier more than 20 kg (ie. every single item could be a maximum of 20 kg and a total weight of the package could be up to 40 kg).

What happens after the pickup of my goods?

After your things get to my warehouse, I put them in the system and start working to sell them as soon as possible. First, I capture, review and test, describe and evaluate. Then I'll send you all for approval and upon your approval will desplay all on bazaar portals - From, Bazos, Sbazar, Annonce, Aukro.

Sale of your items

When will Karel start to sell my things?

When a third of your items are appraised, You will get an email with suggested prices that you either approve or modify. After approval of the prices Karel can start selling your stuff. When all your things are processed, another email will come to you.

Where will Karel sell my things?

Your items will be sold at and at these sales portals:

How long will my things be sold?

The selling time of things depends on their pricing. When you approve the sale price, you set the so-called 'Starting Price and Minimum Price'. The goods will begin to sell for the 'Starting Price'. If it is not sold, the goods are gradually reduced to the minimum price level.

What happens after you sell your goods

When do I get my money for my sold items?

Billing for items sold always takes place at the end of the month for all sales in that month. The withdrawal period then runs for 21 days. Why do you have to wait for 21 days? This is because I guarantee buyers the possibility to return goods within 14 days. Once you have submitted your payment request, the amount will be credited to your account within 5 days. You can find exact payment terms in your client section.

What if some things are not sold?

If one of your things does not sell at random, or if I find out that the item is not sellable, it depends on the option you choose. I can either return things to you or dispose of them, or leave them for sale until they get to 1 CZK auction at Aukro, where they will be happy for a symbolic price.

Other Questions

Can I have my unsold items back?

Of course, you can. Please, count on that I had outlay with processing your goods. Therefor there is a fee for dispatch and send off your good. You can find actual price in pricelist. In case I receive your request for dispatch your goods I will send you price calculation at first and after that, if you confirm that you really want to send your items back I will issue an invoice for you. After you pay the invoice I will dispatch your goods to send it via postal service.

How could I apply for send my unsold items back?

In the Decide section in left column of table (with checkboxes) you could select one or more items you wish to send back. After selecting items in the top part of this table click to the button Return selected. The billing for items to return will appear according to valid price list. Select the courier service and check your address. Then click on the Send button. I will send you confirmation email. In this E-mail you will find information how to pay the bill for items to return. In the moment I receive the payment I will start prepare items for you. In case you have selected shipping via courier I will send you e-mail with tracking number. It is necessary to pay the bill for items to return within 7 days. After this time if I don’t receive the payment I will submit the items for sale again and I will charge storage.

How could I dispose unsold items?

In the Decide section in left part of the table select all items you wish to dispose (you could select all of them or only some). Then in top part of the table click on the Discard selected button. You will see the list of items you selected for dispose. Click on the Confirm button. You will receive ecological disposal confirmation into your mailbox.

How could i move unsold items into auction starting at 1 CZK?

In the Decide section in left part of the table select all items you wish to sell in aucton starting at 1 CZK (you could select all of them or only some). Then in top part of the table click on the Sell in 1 CZK auction button. In the top part of the page you will see confirmation. Please note that it will take some time so you won't see these items in your account for a while. As soon as auction from 1 CZK will be opened you will see these items in the Selling section. You will receive confirmation to your mail box with list of items opened in 1 CZK auction as well.

Storage example

Send me ten (10) things to sell a small size. These 10 things (items), I start selling at 1.5. 7 items will be sold during May. All items for the first 30 days (all May) free of charge.

I will sell the remaining 3 items during June. Therefore, the stock of these 3 items will be charged in a separate invoice at the end of June:

  • First item is sold 5.6. I stored the goods for 5 days, ie. I will charge 5 * 0.07 = 0.35 CZK
  • Second item is sold 16.6. I stored the goods for 16 days, ie. I will charge 16 * 0.07 = 1.12 CZK
  • Third item is sold 18.6. I stored the goods for 18 days, ie. I will charge 18 * 0.07 = 1.26 CZK

For June, therefore, the total storage amount will be charged 2.73 CZK.

Order a pickup

Any question don't hesitate to contact me:

+420 494 900 126 - only Czech speaking (Mo-Th from 10am to 1pm) nonstop