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Price list

All the costs of processing and selling your goods are covered by the proceeds of the sale.

Wondering how much you get for Your sold things?

Price of sold itemCommision for Karel
1 - 79 CZK59 %
80 - 200 CZK35 % + 19 CZK
201 - 1000 CZK20 % + 49 CZK
1001 CZK and more15 % + 99 CZK

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Notebook I sold for 9 500 CZK
My commission was 1 524 CZK


The stroller I sold for 4 500 CZK
My commission was 774 CZK


The coffe machine I sold for 1 500 CZK
My commission was 324 CZK


The book I sold for 180 CZK
My commission was 82 CZK

List of offered services and their prices

Complex sell service (processing fee + commission + storage)

Take pictures, test/measure, description, set a price, sell and send goods to its new owner Included in commission for sold goods

Item processing fee

You will pay fee for each processed item. Categories are divided into same structure as you can find in pick-up order form.

Consider, whether everything you want to send is worth of sell. My experience is that it is not worth to send items which price is below 80 CZK.

Category Item fee
Cars and motorbikes (Auto-moto) 34,- CZK
Appliances (Bílé zboží) 49,- CZK
Kids (Dětské zboží) 39,- CZK
Drugstore (Drogerie, péče o tělo) 29,- CZK
Home and Garden (Dům a zahrada) 39,- CZK
Electronics (Elektro) 39,- CZK
Hobby 39,- CZK
Books, movies, music, games (Knihy, zábava, média) 19,- CZK
Dispose (Likvidace) 49,- CZK
Mix 39,- CZK
Fashion (Oblečení a móda) 39,- CZK
Collectibles (Sběratelství) 35,- CZK
Sport 34,- CZK


First month of storage is FOR FREE. After that monthly charge will be applied. I will multiply count of items in specific size category with number of days in month when the specific item is stored. The result is total sum of days for all items. Example of storage charging is given in FAQ. Častých dotazech.

Storage of small item 1) 0,07 CZK / day
Storage of medium item 1) 0,15 CZK / day
Storage of large item 1) 0,50 CZK / day

1) Small item = the longest side of the item is smaller than 30 cm (incl.)
Medium item = the longest side of the item is smaller than 60 cm (incl.)
Large item = the longest side of the item is larger than 60 cm (incl.)

Return of not sold items

Here I distinguish two product groups:

1) I haven't processed the goods yet (ie, did not take photos, describe them, and didn't) I will prepare these goods for return for FREE. In other words, I will not charge a shipping fee of 19, - CZK / piece.

2) I have already processed the goods (ie photographed, described and priced). For these goods, prepare for charging according to the following pricelist for return.

The picking fee 19,- CZK
Sending goods back to you * 159,- CZK / package

* Only for package which is possible to send via standard post service. Oversized or overweight packages must be send via oversize PPL service. Each oversized package is charged 499 CZK.

Special services

Below is the list of services I am offering beyond my complex sell service.

Change description of already processed item 2) 24,- CZK
Split or merge two and more items because of your request 79,- CZK
Send locked electronics (for example cell phone locked with PIN) 199,- CZK
Oversize item processing fee 3) 50,- CZK

2) Changing description means the change of text or editing the pictures. Because there are some restriction for content demanded by sell channels (aukro, bazoš, sbazar, annonce etc.) I am using to selling goods I have the right of final decision to make demanded change. I will charge you only those changes that I approve and carry out. I won’t charge you in case you notice me the factical mistake in product description.

3) Oversize item has its logest size longer than 60 cm.

How could you deliver me goods to sell?

First of all you have to order a pickup via online form. You could select from following methods of delivering goods to my warehouse.

You will deliver package to random post office (I will send you the Return tag which you stick on the package ind it is done) 119,- CZK / package
I will send GLS messenger to your address on working days in time you choose. 149,- CZK / package