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Personal data protection

I. Basic establishment

  1. Administrator of your personal data according to article 4 point 7 of the European’s Parliament and Council (EU) The General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter “the GDPR”) is the company PZ Logistic, a.s. identification number 04678915 with residency at the Bratří Štefanů 1169/71a street, ZIP 50003, Hradec Králové city (hereinafter “the administrator”).
  2. Contact information: Address: Bratří Štefanů 1169/71a, Email:, Telephone: +420 494 900 126
  3. Personal data are understood as all information about identified or identified individual. Identified individual is individual which could be identified directly or indirectly, especially thanks to link to specific identifier, for example to name, to identification number, location data, network identificatory or thanks to one and more specific elements of physical, physiological, genetical, psychical, economy, culture or social identity of this individual.
  4. The administrator did not specify any commissioner for protect personal data.

II. Sources and categories of administrated personal data

  1. The administrator is processing personal data which you provide and/or personal data which the administrator gain in order to process you order.
  2. The administrator is processing your identification data and contact data that are necessary to fulfill the contract.

III. Legal reason and purpose of personal data

  1. Legal reason of personal data processing is:
    • Fulfilment of the contract between you and the Administrator according to article 6 paragraph 1 letter b) of the GDPR,
    • Legitimate interest of the administrator to provide direct marketing (specially to send business messages and newsletters) according to article 6 paragraph 1 letter f) of the GDPR,
    • Your agreement to process for the reason of provide direct marketing (specially to send business messages and newsletters) according to article 6 paragraph 1 letter a) of the GDPR in the connection with the §7 paragraph 2 of the Act number 480/2004, about some of the important services of information company in case that there was no order of the goods or service.
  2. The purpose of personal data processing is:
    • Fulfill your order and performing rights and responsibilities that are concluding from contract relationship between you and the administrator; in case of the order there are personal data requested which are necessary to successfully fulfill your order (name, address, contact), providing of your personal data is necessary to completion and fulfill the contract, without personal data provided it is no possible to complete the contract or to fulfill it by the administrator,
    • Sending business messages and another marketing activities.
  3. There is no automatically individually decision making by the administrator in the fact of article 22 of the GDPR.

IV. Retention period

  1. The administrator keeps personal data
    • For the period which is necessary to fulfill the rights and responsibilities concluding of the contract relationship between you and the administrator and for application of claims within these contract relationship (15 years after end of contract relationship).
    • Unless the agreement to process personal data in purpose of marketing is revoked, up to 15 years, in case there are personal data processing based on the agreement.
  2. After the period of personal data retention period the administrator will erase your data.

V. Recipients of personal data (subcontractors of the administrator)

  1. Recipients of personal data are persons that:
    • Participate in the delivery of goods/services/payments concluded from the contract,
    • Provide services to operate e-shop and other services related to operate e-shop,
    • Provide marketing services.
  2. The administrator is not intending to provide personal data to third country (except the country outside of the EU) or to international organization.

VI. Your rights

  1. By the terms of the GDPR you have:
    • The right to reach your personal data according to article 15 of the GDPR,
    • The right to correct your personal data according to article 16 of the GDPR, or restrict processing according to article 18 of the GDPR,
    • The right to delete personal data according to article 17 of the GDPR,
    • The right to object against processing according to article 21 of the GDPR,
    • The right to portability of the data according to article 20 of the GDPR.
  2. You have also right to fill in complaint at the Office for Personal Data Protection in case you suppose that your right of personal data protection was violated.

VII. Terms of personal data security

  1. The administrator claims that all propriate technical and organization measures were taken to secure personal data.
  2. The administrator takes technical measures to secure data storage and storage of the personal data in paper form.
  3. The administrator claims that the access to personal data have only persons authorized by the administrator.

VIII. Final provisions

  1. By sending the order from the internet order form you agree that you read the terms of personal data protection and you accepting them in the full range.
  2. The administrator has right to change these terms. New version of the personal data protection terms will be published on his website and also he will send this new version to your mailbox which you provide.

These terms come to the effect on 25th of May 2018.